Manual build

Building qaul-hubd with nix is recommended! If you need to build via system dependencies, follow this guide, depending on your platform.

Install dependencies


You will need to have a Rust compiler, and cargo toolchain installed on your system (minimum version v1.42). Install instructions


On MacOS you will need to install a package manager first to install all the developer tools. Alternatively you can also get them by downloading XCode from the App Store.

Homebrew is a popular package manager for MacOS!

Build Tools

You need to install a general development environment with the following tools available.

  • Debian/ Ubuntu/ Mint: sudo apt install make gcc cmake git
  • Fedora/ CentOS: sudo dnf install make gcc cmake git
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -Sy make gcc cmake git
  • MacOS: brew install make gcc cmake git

Build from source

Clone the main code repo:

$ git clone
$ cd qaul/

Then simply run cargo build --bin qaul-hubd --release to build the hubd binary.

The output artefact will be written to ./target/release/qaul-hubd.