The irdest website is built via the static site generator hugo. Its contents and sources are part of the irdest mono repo.

Building the website

You need to have hugo installed on your system to build the website.

$ hugo build # build the website for deployment
$ hugo serve # serve the website for development

Build with Nix

Alternatively you can use the Nix package manager to build the website. The build process will create a result symlink to the generated site data.

$ nix build -f nix/ irdest-website

Website structure

The website structure is somewhat non-linear and uses a lot of hugo template features to support easy text translations. Following is a breakdown of the structure.

  • Template
    • irdest-theme folder contains base HTML and CSS templates. The only page not generated via these files is the root page.
    • The root page template can be found in layouts/index.html
  • Content
    • Markdown section content can be found in the content directory
    • The root page content is content/indemd and the content/home directory (to allow multi-language versions).