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Error and Result handling

libqaul spans over a huge abstraction surface, from drivers all the way to “business logic” functions in the service API (see api module). This makes communicating errors challenging at times. Generally, no lower layer Error objects are wrapped here, to avoid introducing new dependencies in service code.

Instead, Error attempts to provide a comprehensive set of failures modes, that can be returned to communicate a failure, that then needs tobe interpreted and addressed by an implementing application. This way, it becomes easier for your service to wrap errors, or to enumerate them more easily.

On an Error enum, it is also possible to call description() to get a plain text error description of what went wrong, and what it probably means. These are meant to simplify front-end development and avoid having applications return arbitrary codes. You can also set QAUL_LANG=ar (or others) as an environment variable to get translations of these messages, with en being the fallback.



libqaul service API error states

Type Definitions


libqaul specific Result with embedded Error